Full Credit Report

Your credit report is a complete record of your financial history, detailing information on your borrowing and spending habits, payment trends and contact details. It tracks every account you open, every payment you skip, every judgment taken against you and every cent you owe your creditors.

Get your full credit report, including your credit score and insights into how you are perceived by credit providers. Your credit report includes: Your personal details, accounts data, dispute info and a credit action plan.



You get one free report once a year

What you get with your full report

Your Credit Score

Your score is important because credit providers use it to rate your credit worthiness. It’s calculated using the information on your credit profile.

Perception in the Market

This section is an overview of how you are perceived within the credit market. It compares your risk with the rest of SA’s credit active consumers.

Distribution of Exposure

This section includes pie charts to show how your total credit commitments are categorised. You will be able to determine in which category you have the most outstanding debt.

Payment Overview

Here you will see a graph that shows your repayment behaviour (how you pay your accounts) over the past 12 months.

Monitoring Service

Get notifications when any important changes on your credit reports happen. Simply subscribe to receive alerts via SMS of any activity and changes on your report.